"Ox out & Tiger in" New Year Fair - before opening

"Ox out & Tiger in" Chinese Lunar New Year Fair had been held in a week before Lunar New Year, i.e. Lunar 25th day last month of Ox Year to Lunar 1st day first month of Tiger Year. In Hong Kong, Victora Park was the biggest new year fair. There were 480 stalls where attracted thousands and thousands of people to visit there to pick up their festive kumquat trees and some auspicious flowering plants like peach, chrysanthemum, narcissus and fruit plants to bring good fortune in the Lunar New Year. Even the foreign people were attracted to visit new year fair for bargain-hunting and follow local customs to pick up the flowers.

1st day first month of Tiger Year coincided with St. Valentine's Day, i.e. 14 February. Both flower planters, vendors and opportunistic stallholders sold some Valentine's Day flowers and gifts. Besides, new year fair was more popular among the youths from various youth organisations, secondary schools and universities. They operated their stalls to sell some festive tiger-shape things such as cushions, hats, mittens, balloons, neckerchiefs, toys and souvenirs. In the area of dry-good stulls, their enthusiastic shouts and gestures drew the attention of the people. In fact, it gave a learning chance to the youths. They obtained more valuable experience of the business operations in the process of marketing research, positioning the business, marketing strategy and SWOT analysis. The stall marketing was helpful to the youths and they learned the knowledge about management and leadership. More importantly, the youths understood more their own strength and shortcoming as well as reviewed their philosophy.

Unfortunately, the continued cold rainfall caused that the sales slumped badly and some vendors suffered no small amount of loss. Even though the closing time was postponed to 7:00 am and the stallholders reduced the price for sales promotion, a large amount of goods and flowers still failed to be sold out. The 830 unsalable flowers were left to the charity organizations or hospitals.

In order to record the grand occasion of new year fair's 7 days by the photo-taking, I spent 6 days to visit there. From scaffolding, opening to closing, I took it near 900 photos. May be it is my great work. Dear friends, I select 100 photos to enjoy with you and let you feel the atmosphere of lunar new year. I divide the photo into four parts for your easily see:

"Ox out & Tiger in" New Year Fair - dry goods in fair
"Ox out & Tiger in" New Year Fair - wet goods in fair
"Ox out & Tiger in" New Year Fair - at closing