Dragon Boat Festival on 8 June 2008

Yesterday, dragon boat racing was held at Stanley Beach. There was full of carnival atmosphere as well as attracting many foreigners and large-scale multinational corporate teams to participate.

Dragon Boat Festival is also called as Tuen Ng Festival, which is 5th day of the 5th month in Chinese Lunar calendar. Dragon boat racing is a key feature of the festival. The race rules are complying with international standards that the boats are medium size and wooden as well as carrying a crew of 22 including drummer and steersman. Yesterday, over 200 teams were competing in the race.

Two days ago, heavy rain and squally thunderstorms affected Hong Kong under the influence of an active trough of low pressure. If the weather had not yet improved, the events would be cancelled. Forfunately, the rain was gradually easing off and the weather became fine, so that Dragon boat racing was held as usual. It was sunny and very hot.

On the beach, there was overcrowded and packed with team members, visitors, tourists and swimmers. Many young girls dressed the sexy swimming wear and attracting many photographers' shooting. Besides, many team members made up the funny and creative dressings such as the prisoners or the Indian.

For detailed information about Dragon boat racing at Stanley, please visit the following web site:

Friends, please enjoy my photos taken on yesterday as below: